Regenwasser ganz praktisch weiter genutzt werden: Versickerung über Mulden, Regentonnen oder für die Toilettenspülung. Mit Regenrinnen aus RHEINZINK ist das ohne Bedenken möglich.

Rainwater Infiltration

The infiltration of rainwater through soakaways and infiltration wells is absolutely harmless in compliance with the technical rules and building specifications provided for this purpose.

Why is the infiltration harmless? As a part of numerous international research projects, the possible consequences of zinc in rainwater were investigated in the last ten years by various independent institutions. The unanimous result: It does not have any adverse or questionable effect.

  • Zinc is one of the top ten elements in the earth’s crust. There is a natural concentration of zinc present in water, air and soil.
  • Zinc comes second as a main trace element behind iron and is indispensible to life.
  • It can be scientifically proven that the zinc percentage in rainwater coming from zinc roofs is not higher than is allowed in our drinking
    water. In the EU Drinking Water Directive and in the German Drinking Water Ordinance, there are no longer guide values today due to the harmlessness of the trace element.
  • The completely natural runoff from roofing materials has even decreased further with zinc roofs in the last 15 years due to the massive decrease in “acid rain” and the associated, continuously improved air quality.
  • Recent publications by the Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environmental Agency, UBA) describe that, for example, only 2 % of the total zinc added to the environment comes from zinc surfaces from building shells. The share of this that makes its way into the ground is even lower at less than 0.5 % and is also safe.
  • The biggest share of the zinc input into the ground or inshore waters is not bioavailable due to the binding of the metal to clay minerals, iron oxides and organic substances.

Effective Use of Rainwater

Another possibility to use rainwater in an ecologically responsible and natural way is offered by our rainwater collector system. This range lasts from the well-known rain-barrel up to standardised modern rainwater utilisation system like storage tube and cistern systems. Depending on the individual requirements systems of different size and quality are available.

Wherever no drinking water quality is needed the usage of rainwater is possible: for watering your grounds and your plants, for WC and washing machines.

Get to know more on this subject in our brochure “Ecological rainwater management” or on the website of

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