Standard Details Facade Horizontal Panel

Horizontal Panel Details
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Base point, plinth/ cornice coping, ventilation under cornice
51 KB PDF/DWG English 27.06.14
Vertical / expansion joint with shadow gap profile
45 KB PDF/DWG English 30.06.14
Facade ridge, flush fascia, two-piece profile
63 KB PDF/DWG English 30.06.14
Window sill, flush profile with fixing clip
55 KB PDF/DWG English 27.06.14
Inside corner, flush profile
46 KB PDF/DWG English 30.06.14
Outside corner, box profile
46 KB PDF/DWG English 30.06.14
Window jamb, fin profile, outside blinds
49 KB PDF/DWG English 30.06.14

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