RHEINZINK – special topics

As titanium zinc experts for roof and facade systems and roof drainage, we can provide you with assistance and advice on an abundance of special topics.

Refurbishment and heritage conservation

Many epochs are characterised by very distinct construction styles, properties and qualities. Buildings in particular are silent witnesses of past times and represent the cultural heritage of a society that is worth preserving. As an experienced producer, RHEINZINK is very familiar with challenges of this kind and can manufacture individual, custom-made products in our usual high quality.

Details - Refurbishment

Details - Heritage conservation

Sustainable construction

RHEINZINK products perfectly fulfil sustainable construction requirements. Experts from the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e. V. have declared RHEINZINK material to be an environmentally compatible construction product in line with EN 15804. This certification not only verifies the ecological quality RHEINZINK, it also proves our strong sense of responsibility.

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