RHEINZINK gutters: efficient, durable, easy to install

There are elements in every building that simply cannot be over looked.  From the foundation to the walls to the roof, there are large components, but in detail there are other features that are just as essential: gutters.  The main job of a gutter is to divert rainwater away from the structure, as well as collection.  

There is the possibility of controlled drainage or, alternatively, the possibility of collecting rainwater and reuse it, i.e. for watering flowers in the garden.

With RHEINZINK, you’re about to explore what distinguishes our gutters in particular.

RHEINZINK gutters: low-maintenance – ecological

There are many benefits that come from choosing a RHEINZINK gutter. 

Here are some:

  • RHEINZINK gutters always comply with the latest European (EN, DIN) standards.
  • A wide range of product components are available.
  • RHEINZINK half round gutters are quicker to evacuate water than flat bottom gutters - extending their service life.
  • RHEINZINK gutters are made from a natural and proven material.
  • High-quality, state-of-the-art production techniques help to ensure longevity.

RHEINZINK gutters meet the highest quality requirements

From mild to harsh weather, a RHEINZINK gutter system can handle the elements.  Our self-imposed standards often exceed the applicable specifications and make RHEINZINK gutters a durable product with many advantages for homes and commercial projects.

Our gutters are precision-made

With many products and gutter accessories available, the true individuality of a RHEINZINK gutter comes from the formation of its patina.  This patina acts as a natural protective layer, ensuring that a RHEINZINK roof drainage system will remain functional and low-to-no maintenance for many years to come.

For more information, and product availability, please consult our RHEINZINK representative.




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