Company policy

RHEINZINK-titanium zinc is valued by architects and users as a modern, sustainable material and due to its durability and good recyclability.

RHEINZINK is a company of the Grillo Group. We are a family business and feel committed to society and the environment. As such, it goes without saying that we conduct our work in a sustainable, appreciative and efficient manner. With our corporate policy, we transparently demonstrate what we stand for: for issues such as human rights, equal opportunities and safety and health at work as well as for climate protection, resource conservation and environmental protection. Our customers can expect the highest quality of our products and services. To ensure continuous improvement, we have management systems for quality, environment and energy and are involved in various initiatives.

The whistleblower system within the Grillo group

Compliance with laws and internal company guidelines as well as correct behaviour in accordance with the rules has highest priority for the Grillo group. The success of our company is based on integrity and compliance. In order for us to live up to this claim, we must be made aware of potential misconduct and put a stop to it. Our whistleblower system offers the possibility of reporting potential breaches of rules by employees, but also by suppliers and customers.

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