RHEINZINK solar systems: Sustainable energy generation

Good for the environment

Renewable energy

With the RHEINZINK photovoltaic system, you are making a sensible investment in a sustainable and secure future. It has never been more important to use renewable energies. Rising energy costs are leading to a rethink: why not use the available solar power to generate electricity?

Stunning roofs

High-quality design

Not many systems offer a visually appealing solution for metal roofs. With RHEINZINK-PV, you benefit from a roof-integrated solution, which is visually adapted to the standing seam system.

Quick and easy assembly

Efficient technology

The specially developed seam and module clamp is attached to the double standing seam. At the same time, it fixes the frameless solar modules that are matched to the double standing seam covering.

  • Whether for new construction, renovation or simply for retrofitting
  • No elevated system - mounted flat and parallel to the roof
  • Use inexhaustible solar energy - absorb the sun's rays, generate electricity, feed it into the grid or consume it directly

RHEINZINK-PV is a flat-mounted, roof-parallel solar system. The specially developed seam and module clamp is simply attached to the double standing seams. At the same time, it fixes the frameless solar modules, which are matched to the shear widths of the RHEINZINK double standing seam roofing.

The innovative PV system is an architecturally sophisticated, visually roof-integrated solution and a real eye-catcher.


RHEINZINK-PV is the simple, aesthetically solar solution

Matching PV modules

Our PV modules are available to fit roof coverings that use our double standing seam system. It is important to choose the right panel width. Our range includes:

  • Suitable PV modules for RHEINZINK double standing seam roofs in the centre-to-centre dimensions 530 mm (600 mm belt) and 430 mm (500 mm belt).

The individual modules can then be precisely installed in the specified seam arrangement. Rheinzink PV is suitable for both new roofing as well as retrofitting.

Solar systems from a single source

In response to the high demand for a functional and at the same time aesthetic photovoltaic system, we have broadened our expertise to include a competitive and customary high-quality solution in this field. We will advise you and your local installer will take care of the installation:

  • Provision of complete systems ready for installation, including the PV modules and the underlying technology.
  • Advice from the initial concept to subsequent implementation
  • Preparation of yield forecasts
  • Application for subsidies or subsidised loans
  • Registration and commissioning of the solar systems

Contact us

The RHEINZINK team is, of course, always available to answer any questions you may have. You can reach us by e-mail and, of course, also by telephone during our business hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Declarations of Performance
    Declaration of Performance Photovoltaic clamp with EN 15088