• We make binding, unambiguous agreements.
  • Our task is then to comply with the commitments made to the best of our abilities.
  • In this way, we will be able to rely on one another.


  • We deal with the ideas and opinions of third parties impartially.
  • We actively listen and allow others to finish speaking.
  • We consider the situation subjectively, regardless of the person involved.
  • This is how we respect one another.


  • We take responsibility for what we do and what we have not done.
  • We face our duties with confidence.
  • We stand by our work results, both the positive and the negative.
  • In this way, RHEINZINK remains committed to our conduct.

Willingness to change

  • We actively support change processes.
  • Our environment is constantly changing. For this reason, we are open to changes and actively define improvement opportunities.
  • We work constructively on change processes to remain successful in the future.