Corrugated Sheeting System

  • Harmonious Victorian architecture in RHEINZINK-Titanium Zinc
  • Life expectancy for generations with no to low maintainance
  • Economical installation for roof pitches from 10° to vertical
  • Locally available in RHEINZINK-prePATINA blue-grey and graphite-grey
  • Technical assistance available for planners and installers alike

Corrrugated roofing became widely used in many countries from the 1840s after its invention by Henry Palmer, a British architect and engineer and a key component of attractive architecture from the Victorian era, particularly in many Commonwealth states, and other countries. Over the decades, technology has enhanced the desirable properties of corrugated roofing. It has entrenched it as a durable roofing choice in industry, agriculture and, again increasingly, in the residential sector.

These technological advances have led to a perfect and long-lasting solution for every design in an innovative contemporary building material: RHEINZINK - an alloy consisting of 99.995 % high purity zinc and precisely defined amounts of copper and titanium and which requires little energy in production.