Gutters and roof drainage by RHEINZINK

Many different requirements must be satisfied when planning roof and facade cladding. One of these requirements is the installation of gutters and roof drainage systems. Primarily, these components fulfil an important function and can be integrated harmoniously into the overall image of a building using the comprehensive RHEINZINK programme.


  • Perfectly matching system solutions for reliable roof drainage
  • Simple and cost-effective assembly

Suspended gutter systems: From classic to modern

Classic roof drainage uses suspended gutter components. On classic buildings, this is a halfround gutter that is connected to further components as required. Our box gutter works on the same principle but has an exceptional appearance. Our balcony gutter is available as a perfectly matching complement for certain parts of a building, such as balconies or porches.
Fasteners, such as gutter brackets or downpipe clips and elbows, are of course available as standard accessories. Leaf grates (or leaf guard profiles) or options for collecting rainwater are available for certain projects. This ensures that the roof is reliably drained and that rainwater can be used in an ecologically and economically sensible manner with little effort.

Guttering connection techniques

The soft soldering procedure is a rapid and simple method for producing a waterproof, substance-to-substance bonded and durable join.
Bonding techniques are alternatively available. These tried-and-tested connection techniques are already used in various industrial production applications. We have developed a special gutter adhesive for our roof drainage system.

RHEINZINK supports you in every way

All relevant information concerning our system solution for balcony drainage and our other system solutions can be downloaded from our web page. This includes classic design examples and technical information as well as further information concerning the functions of individual accessories. The components are, of course, available in diverse versions to enable you to plan in line with your requirements. Compliance with standards and regulations is as important to us as it is for you. Accordingly, you can be sure that we have already thought of all vital requirements. This considerably reduces your workload without having a negative impact on the quality of your services.


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